Robydome Electronics
About Us  

Founded in 1976, the company was set up to design and manufacture a pioneering control system for farm equipment which was succesfully patented. This first product was partially responsible for the rapid growth of a novel technique used in the production of cereals.

Innovation continued with the introduction of the first electronic crop drying controller for bulk cereals, oil seeds and pulses, this went on to win a silver medal, awarded by the Royal Agricultural Society of England.

Today the company's hard working, experienced small team work from purpose built premises located in the town of Sudbury, Suffolk, UK, where we design and manufacture application specific, niche market industrial and agri-food process control systems which are used in over 25 countries worldwide.

Clients choose Robydome because of our competance in the integration of electronics and information technology to provide innovative and cost effective solutions, to targeted, specific needs, particularly where quality and environmental considerations are paramount.

As a small company we respond rapidly to changing environments, dictated by the globalisation of markets where legislative and consumer pressure means our customers demand world class products and services to support their profitable operations.

We continue to develop and adapt our expertise, recently taking advantage of research and development support from the Department of Trade and Industry and other government departments to work with the Central Science Laboratory and Silsoe Research Institute here in the UK.