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The WTM-1 is a self-contained smart box in the store linked to temperature probes and ventilation system sensors. All the vital information to manage store conditions is available instantly, and in real-time, using a clear and simple web-browser page to check and make changes.

The highly intuitive control programme is designed from years of experience and knowledge of grain store installation and operation, with fully automatic or manual control.

a schmatic of a grain store showing wireless temperature probes possitioned in the grain heap

An Example System

This schematic shows the layout of a typical system. The wireless probes are pushed into the grain heap to give a good coverage, from there they transmit the temperature readings to the wireless receivers mounted in the roof of the store.

The Wireless receivers are connected via a 4 core cable back to the WTM-1, this "Network" cable provides power and communication to the various modules attached to it.

By communicating with the wireless receivers over the network the WTM-1 receives the temperatures of the grain. Also connected to this "Network" cable are the ambient temperature sensor and the relay cards for the ventilation control.

Using a network like this allows the WTM-1 system to be very modular, New components can be added onto the "Network" cable and the WTM-1 will detect them immediately.


Product Manual

Download the WTM-1 Manual here.


Download the Brochure for the WTM-1 here.

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