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A HTM200 handheld temperature monitor

LSW33 Wireless Lance

The LSW33 is a 2 or 3 meter long temperature probe designed for semi-permanent sensing, probes are inserted into the bulk grain and transmit their temperature readings to the LSW33-RE wireless reciever.

Wireless temperature probes are easy to use, easy to install and require a minimum of walking across the stored crop.

The probes have a line of sight range of 100 meters. They are powered by 3 AA Lithiam batteries, which require changing every two years.

Simple to Use

Just push the probes into your crop as needed.

Clean design

The LSW33 is designed with a rebust ergonomic handle and a long battery life, perfect for long term crop storage.

For floor stores

Wireless lances are the answer to managing temperature probes across a floor store.

Easily expandable

Once you have a wireless reciever in your store you can add probes with a simple zone setting in the new probe.

Example Systems

reciever for wireless temperature probes

Computer System

The Wireless Lances and reciever used as part of a computer monitoring system.

reciever for wireless temperature probes


Wireless lances and reciever as used with a HTM300 handheld monitoring system.

reciever for wireless temperature probes

Web Access

Wireless lances and recievers as used with a WTM-1 Web control system.

A HTM300 handheld temperature monitor

LSW33-RE Wireless Reciever

Installed in the roof of the store the wireless reciever picks up the readings transmitted by the wireless probes and communicates them back to the system it is connected to.

The LSW33-RE is designed to work with many differant systems, for example it can be connected to an AVC300 to provide the controller with crop temperatures, or it could be connected to a WTM-1 to allow for store control and monitoring across the internet.

Simple to Use

Just bolt it to the wall and wire in the power and comms.

Clean design

Designed to be easy to install within your store.

For floor stores

The LSW33-RE reciever is designed to be installed in floor stores.

Easily expandable

Adding more probes to a wireless reciever system is easy, just set the probes zone to match the reciever and it will pick them up.


Product Manual

Download the Wireless probe manual here.


Download the Brochure for the Wireless probes here.

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