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A silo complex layout

Storecheck Systems

Storecheck systems are a robust software suite designed to meet the needs of medium to large storage sites. It features temperature and humidity monitoring, differentail fan control, record keeping and alarm conditions. All in and easy to use interface allowing you to see the status of your store at a glance.

Particularly suited to grain silos, the storecheck system interfaces with junction boxes on the top of the grain silos and collects the temperature readings from inside the silo using RTC temperature cables, each temperature cable contains several temperature sensors spaced down it's length thus alowing the monitoring of temperature at different hights in the silo.

Easy to understand

The layout customised to your site and the point and click interface make for a system that is easy to use and allows you to understand what is happening with the temperatures in your stores at a glance.

Clean design

Designed from the ground up for the needs of grain storage, the storecheck system allows you to keep track of your store at a glance.

For Silos or floor stores

As well as Silo temperature cables Storecheck can also interfave with our range of wireless recievers, allowing the use of wireless crop probes in floor stores.

Easily expandable

Due to the modular nature of the system it is easy to add new silos or floor stores to the system, it just requires connecting the new modules to the system and updating the software.

Example Systems

layout of temperature cables in silos

Temperature Cable Layout

The HTM200 used with an LS30 for taking spot readings.

reciever for wireless temperature probes

Silo complex

Designed for semi perminant sensing, the quad kit can be left in the store and daisy chained back to the HTM200.

reciever for wireless temperature probes

Multi store site

For small silos the TBK33 has 3 temperature sensors at differant points down it's length which can be easily read by the HTM200.


Product Manual

Download the HTM300 manual here.


Download the Brosure for the Handheld readers here.

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